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Add a Phuket Event

You can add unlimited events after you created your place listing with one of the event packages. In case of a single place listing, you can add unlimited events to that particular place. In case of a franchise, you can add unlimited events to any of the related venues in the franchise.

You can even create and sell event tickets without paying any commission!

Event Listings

Before you start adding your events you need to purchase either the Standard + Events or the Featured + Events place package. Once you created your place listing, you can add as many events as you want.

If you own or manage a hotel, resort or a business with multiple locations and want to add events to each related business, then you can purchase either the Standard Franchise + Events or the Featured Franchise + Events place package.

A single event can be a 1 day event or a multi-day event that happens only once. You simply set the begin date/time and the end date/time.

A recurring event can be a 1 day event or multi-day event that repeats on a regular basis. You set the begin date/time and end date/time of the event and then use advanced filters to set if the event happens daily, weekly, monthly or yearly and even pick days of the week if an event should repeat two or 3 times per week.

Feature your event throughout the website for a small weekly fee.

Event Packages

We offer 2 different event options: single and recurring. All event packages offer the following basic features

12 Images
4 Categories
Event Description
Event Dates and Time
Event Price
Contact Information
Event Venue Information
Map with Directions
Ratings and Reviews
Local SEO

Listed on Events and in the Guides

Sell Event Tickets



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Included in the Place Listing Package

1 Day or Multi-Day Event

Filters to Set Event Repeats



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Recurring Event

Filters to Set Event Repeats