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Where to Eat in Phuket City

Where to Eat in Phuket City |

Explore Eateries in Phuket City

Where to Eat in Phuket City |

Eateries in Phuket City

Where to Eat in Phuket City

Mofified on November 5, 2023

Where to Eat in Phuket City | Phuket City is a mecca for food lovers and where you can find some of the island’s finest fare. There are several bespoke restaurants along roads, like Dibuk and Thalang, with both Thai and international specialities available in what are beautiful buildings both on the exterior, as well as the interior.

Rassada Road nearby also has several cafés and restaurants, many that have been in residence along the road for several years and developed a high reputation.

Takuapa Road is also a great street for restaurants, where you’ll find Thai fusion mixes, as well as a unique eatery that becomes a club where you can party until the early morning hours.

Phuket Town is also full of local restaurants that may look unassuming from the outside with their makeshift tables and plastic chairs. Don’t let that put you off as the food served in these traditional Thai venues is exceptional and will give you a true taste of local flavours, from noodle dishes to soups and grilled meats to sweet treats.

Once again, market food is a must and there are several in Phuket Town to choose from. Ranong Road is home to two markets, while the mammoth Weekend Market on the outskirts of town is a food lovers’ dream.

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