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Where to Stay in Cherngtalay

Where to Stay in Cherngtalay | 

Explore Accommodation in Cherngtalay

Where to Stay in Cherngtalay | Chergntalay offers an array of upscale resort and villa accommodation as well as mid-level hotels.

Where to Stay in Cherngtalay

Mofified on October 31, 2023

Where to Stay in Cherngtalay | Since the development of Laguna, a system of lagoons that have been incorporated into resorts, this area is sometimes referred to as Laguna Beach. The resorts offer their guests an exclusive stay with beach access undisturbed by a beach-front road.

Smaller guesthouses are found in the back streets off and around the Soi Ao Bang Tao 2 area. Basic rooms for rent off the main road and a vast selection of private and estate villas, with prices ranging from affordable to ultimate luxury, are spread out all around the plains east of the beach in Cherngtalay.

On Surin Soi 8 road, that runs a bit inland from the main road, hotels and resorts of varied standards can be found from fancy big complexes to small locally owned hotels. A few of these resorts are frequently visited by international celebrities.

Condominiums, mixed with hotels, villas, low budget guesthouses and bungalows are up on the mountain-side and inland. These can be found off the main road, between Surin and Bang Tao.

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