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What to Do in Chalong

What to Do in Chalong |

Explore Activities in Chalong

What to Do in Chalong |

Activities in Chalong

What to Do in Chalong

Mofified on November 5, 2023

What to Do in Chalong | Chalong is home to two of Phuket’s most famous attractions, namely, Wat Chalong and Big Buddha, the latter of which is an impressive 45-metre white marble statue that sits on one of Chalong’s highest hills. Big Buddha’s impressive feature offers expansive views from atop the hill and can be seen from several areas at sea level from across the island.

Chalong’s other major draw, aside from the Big Buddha statue is its temple – Wat Chalong. This incredibly beautiful sanctuary is the largest on the island, built in honour of the highly revered monks, Luang Pho Chaem and Luang Pho Chuang who guided the people of Chalong in their battle against the Chinese rebellion during the late 19th century. The best times to visit Chalong Temple are either early morning or late afternoon to avoid crowds who arrive aboard tour buses.

If you’re looking for adventure, Chalong has a lot to offer, such as a zip-lining park, as well as safaris through the surrounding jungle clad hills. More adrenalin fuelled activity can be enjoyed with water-based activities where you can take a thrilling game fishing trip or indeed a diving excursion. Chalong Pier Road is home to many establishments that offer both types of tour.

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