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Health and Beauty in Phuket

Health and Beauty in Phuket | Phuket has become somewhat renowned for being a health and beauty destination, in fact, medical tourism on the island has increased in recent years to become one of Southeast Asia’s top providers for aesthetic and cosmetic procedures and all at an affordable price.

Explore Health and Beauty in Phuket

Health and Beauty in Phuket

Mofified on July 24, 2023

Health and Beauty in Phuket | There are countless hospitals and private clinics that provide cosmetic procedures to enhance a person’s appearance. From breast augmentation to lifts, and tummy tucks to vaser liposelection; procedures are performed professionally and with pleasing results to those that wish to undertake them.

Corrective laser eye surgery is also often sought, as are an assortment of skin treatments. In addition to cosmetic improvements, holidaymakers often take advantage of Phuket’s efficient health services to have general health and wellness check-ups during their vacations.

Many people travel to Phuket for cosmetic dentistry procedures, due to the quality care and treatment provided, which again is charged at very reasonable rates. Whether you seek a simple check-up, wish to have your teeth professionally whitened or get a new smile with a set of veneers, Phuket’s dentists have gained a positive reputation throughout the world.

The benefits of massage are enormous to both body and mind. Capable of curing a long list of ailments, Phuket has an enormous amount of choice when it comes to finding a massage treatment centre. The most common types of massage available are a relaxing oil massage, muscle specific sports massage and traditional Thai massage.

Phuket’s holiday island atmosphere has a vibrant nightlife and it is important to take precautions when becoming involved in what can sometimes be a hedonistic party scene. Limit alcohol consumption to a moderate amount, stay away from illegal drugs at all costs, which are not only a danger to health but also result in harsh punishments by the Thai law enforcement. Prostitution also plays a role in society, although it is illegal. Ensure to use proper protection methods should you choose to engage in such activities.

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